Thurs 20th - Sun 23th June 2019


Artist Information 

Display Pack - Closed

This is the Pack for artists who would like to enter a smaller amount of works into The Christchurch Art Show. A minimum of 3 works and a maximum of six works. Commission is 35% and your work is hung and managed by The Christchurch Art Show. Please look at our Terms and Conditions and Artist Information for the complete details. 

3D Packs - Closed

There are five categories for 3D packs available.  A $25 application fee applies to all 3D Packs.

All 3D Packs will be manned and managed by the artist. A 25% commission applies to the 3D Packs 1, 2, 3, 4 - see our Artist Information file. 

Artist Panel Packs - Closed

Artist packs are an extendable gallery space for artists who wish to promote a body of work. Artists have the option to extend this gallery space to suit their individual requirements by applying for two to five panels. Panels are 1.2m wide X 2.3m high. Please times the width by the number of panels required to work out the area of your panels in your artist pack. Commission for artist managed panels is 25%. There are options to add spotlights, plinths and power to your artist pack. Pricing for packs is on the online application form.






Terms & Conditions 


Artist Information


Selection Process

Artists must make an application to The Christchurch Art Show to have their work reviewed in the selection process for our show. Art that is selected for The Christchurch Art Show will be of a high standard and presentation. It will be fit for exhibition (please see terms and conditions). We expect the work to reflect the personal style of the artist, to be their own intellectual property and to be priced accordingly – not over or under priced. Selection is at the discretion of The Christchurch Art Show and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into on our final decision.

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