Thurs 20th - Sun 23th June 2019

Our 2018 Top Ten Artists are...


Joel Hart 'The lost'

Marie Kjestrup Adams 'Marina City'

Liz Turnbull  'Summer Tempest'

Odelle Morshuis 'Shopper's on the Waterfront'

Lisa Grennell 'Fall'

Esther Dexter 'Aufiferous Lands'

Janyne Fletcher '59 Layers of Winter'

Deborah Fuller 'Old Church at Karitane'

Susan Hurrel Fieldes 'Streams of Identity'

Yana Meech 'Waterworld'












The Lawson's Dry Hills People's Choice Award 2018

The Lawson's Dry Hills People’s Choice award is a 4 panel Artist Pack for the winner.

 The ten most popular selling artists of 2017 will return to our 2018 show to present us with a specially created artwork to represent them in the Lawson's Dry Hills people's Choice Award 2018.


The award winner for the Peoples Choice Award is voted in on the spirit of being the "people's choice" by The Christchurch Art Show audience, friends and supporters



Congratulations to the winner of the Lawson’s Dry Hills People's Choice Award 2018 artist Lisa Grennell with her winning mixed media work


‘If the wind changes, you will stay that way’

 A common childhood saying when I had my ‘grumpy’ face on. I believed it and promptly changed my expression to the perfect smile in case the wind did change!

 I wish the wind did change and everything stayed the same.

 I wish childhood was simple again.

 That the change in season meant new adventures, new things to explore.

 Experiencing the excitement of jumping in a pile of Autumn leaves: the ‘crunch’ as the leaves crumpled upon impact and that prickly feeling when fragments got onto the skin.

 I wish the urge to jump was irresistible again.