Thurs 20th - Sun 23th June 2019

Our 2019 Top Ten Artists are...


Joel Hart 

Bruce Stillwell

Liz Turnbull  

Odelle Morshuis 

Lisa Grennell 

Esther Dexter 

Brenda Knight

Tony Cribb

Susan Hurrel Fieldes 

Yana Meech 














The Lawson's Dry Hills People's Choice Award 2019

The Lawson's Dry Hills People’s Choice award is a 4 panel Artist Pack for the winner.

 The ten most popular selling artists of 2018 will return to our 2019 show to present us with a specially created artwork to represent them in the Lawson's Dry Hills people's Choice Award 2019.


The award winner for the Peoples Choice Award is voted in on the spirit of being the "people's choice" by The Christchurch Art Show audience, friends and supporters



Congratulations to the winner of the Lawson’s Dry Hills People's Choice Award 2019 is once again  artist Lisa Grennell with her winning acrylic screen print & reverse hand painting on perspex  work

'Inside Out'

What happens when the innocence of the past no longer provides the same comfort today?

Depicted in this artwork is a young girl gazing through a rain weathered window. Her stare is penetrating yet welcoming. She is encapsulated within the confines of the ‘glass’ protected from the violence of today and the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Our view of her is blurred by droplets of water, much like tears. With her gaze returned those tears are shared.

As the light travels around the artwork the enormity of her environment is apparent, its universal. Shes not alone.

While her heart is washed away with the rain we are left with a glimmer of hope.

A smile

X  A Tribute to Christchurch