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The Lawson's Dry Hills
People's Choice Award

The ten most popular selling artists from our last show return to our next show to present us with specially created artworks to represent them in the People's Choice Award.

The award winner for the Peoples Choice Award is voted in on the spirit of being the "people's choice" by The Christchurch Art Show audience, friends and supporters. The winner is awarded a 5 panel Artist Pack for the following year.



Join us on our exclusive Opening Night event to see our guest judge Chris Lynch choose their pick of the show.


The winner is awarded a Five Panel Artist Pack for the Christchurch Art Show 2023.

Winsor & Newton New Zealand artist sponsorship award for the Christchurch Art Show.

Winsor & Newton Artist sponsorship Award

The Winsor & Newton NZ sponsorship art award is for an artist who inspires creativity and good artist practice.


Vjekoslav Nemesh was selected by Windor & Newton NZ as the 2021 recipient. He received a 3-panel artist pack to exhibit at The Christchurch Art Show as well as Winsor & Newton art materials.